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Action Course No Title Area Director Periods
Display  OBGU 4404 In-depth Examination of Ob/Gyn Topics Accentuating Basic ScienceBasic SciencesAmjad Hossain, PhD 3, 5, 10, 13 
Display DERU 4004Dermatologic Basic ScienceBasic SciencesDr. Richard Wagner 1-12, 14-16 
Display DERU 4012Narratives of Skin DiseasesMedical HumanitiesRichard Wagner, MD 1-12, 14-16 
Display DERU 4051Skin Diseases Depicted in Film: BSH SelectiveMedical HumanitiesRichard Wagner, MD 1-12, 14-16 
Display DERU 4402Skin Diseases in Novels and Subsequent FilmsMedical HumanitiesRichard Wagner, M.D. 1-12, 14-16 
Display IMHU 4032Freud and PsychoanalysisMedical HumanitiesWilliam J. Winslade 4-7, 12, 14-15 
Display IMHU 4034Medical Humanities-Student ResearchMedical HumanitiesLisa Campo-Engelstein, PhD 1-3 
Display ITSU 4402Multidisciplinary Translational Research - Basic Science and Humanities SelectiveBasic SciencesDr. Judith Aronson 1-9, 11-17 
Display MEDU 4068Mystery Diagnosis and Case Discussion: Internal MedicineBasic SciencesBernard Karnath MD 4 and 7 
Display MEDU 4074Mystery Diagnosis: Dermatology, Neurology, and MedicineBasic SciencesBernard Karnath MD  5 and 8 
Display MEDU 4076Research in Medical Education Basic SciencesKaren Szauter  1-12, 14-16 
Display MEDU 4087Mystery Diagnosis: ParasitologyBasic SciencesBernard Karnath, M.D. 9 and 12 
Display MEDU 4152Healthcare Quality Improvement and Patient SafetyMedical HumanitiesCarlos Clark, D.O. 1-12, 14-16 
Display MEHU 4410Capstone Project in Global Health (Humanities)Medical HumanitiesDr. Premal Patel 1-12, 14-16 
Display MEHU 4411Cultural Competency in Hispanic Health Medical HumanitiesDr. Norma A Perez  1-8, 11-12, 14-16 
Display MEHU 4413Community Engagement Track CapstoneMedical HumanitiesCara Pennel, DrPH; Caley Satterfield, EdD; Premal Patel, MD All 
Display MEHU 4425Research in Vascular SurgeryMedical HumanitiesMichael B. Silva Jr. 10 
Display NCBU 4002Anatomy - Basic Science and Humanities SelectiveBasic SciencesCristiana Rastellini, M.D. 4,5,6,7,8 
Display NCBU 4005Honors Research ProgramBasic SciencesBret Howrey, PhD. 1-12, 14-16 
Display ORSU 4020Orthopaedic Research - Basic Science and Humanities SelectiveBasic SciencesZbigniew Gugala, MD PhD 1-12, 14-16 
Display ORSU 4051Research Opportunities in Rehabilitation MedicineBasic SciencesZbigniew Gugala, MD, PhD. 1-12, 14-16 
Display PEDU 4054Mystery Diagnosis: PediatricsBasic SciencesBernard Karnath, M.D. 6 and 11 
Display PHTU 4001Physician Healer Track Immersion CapstoneMedical HumanitiesCara Geary 12 
Display PMCU 4016Public Health Research - BSHSBasic SciencesDr. Denny Fe Agana- Norman 1-12, 14-16 
Display PMCU 4018Aerospace Medicine BSHS at CAMIBasic SciencesDr. David Romine 1-12 
Display PSYU 4048Psychiatry and the Cinema: BSH Selective Medical HumanitiesDr. Derek Neal 5,7,11,12, 14 
Display PSYU 4403Motivational InterviewingMedical HumanitiesBen Raimer, M.D. 
Display RADU 4020Radiology Research - BSHSBasic SciencesFlavia E. Posleman Monetto, M.D. 1-12, 14-16 
Display RHCT 4402Rural Health Care ProjectMedical HumanitiesOscar W. Brown, M.D. 1-12, 14-16 
Display RONU 4402Radiation Oncology Research- BSHSBasic SciencesTodd Swanson, MD, PHD