• 'Every day you have to choose to live'

    Diagnosed with cancer during COVID, Tina Herring wants women to remember that breast cancer isn't a death sentence.

  • Step up to the plate

    Unsure of what to expect during your first mammogram? Read this first-person account from a woman who has been there before.

  • Do you need to worry about shingles if you had chickenpox vaccine?

    In the latest Vaccine Smarts column, Drs. Megan Berman and Richard Rupp discussed the odds of getting shingles after having a chickenpox vaccination. “You cannot catch shingles from people with shingles,” they wrote. “Rather, unvaccinated people who have never had chickenpox can develop chickenpox when they come in contact with a shingles rash. Your vaccination should keep you from catching chickenpox.”

  • Butterflies benefit our habitat, our souls

    “If you have some time this week, find some butterflies, or better yet, let them find you,” wrote Dr. Victor S. Sierpina in his column. “Enjoy watching them do their cosmic dance. You will feel lighter yet more centered, knowing that small things can make big differences.”

  • 'I'm too young to have cancer'

    After ignoring a lump in her breast that inevitably led to a double mastectomy, Tammi Moran is no longer pushing the snooze button on her health.

  • 6 quick home improvements when someone suddenly needs extra care

    ​To make a main-floor bedroom as comfortable and safe as possible, Elena Volpi, M.D., director of the Sealy Center on Aging at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, suggests removing area rugs to prevent tripping and adding night-lights for middle-of-the-night bathroom trips. Make sure furniture including side tables, footstools, benches and storage items are removed from the path to the bathroom, for example.​

  • Willing your body to medical science

    Drs. Victor Sierpina and Michelle Sierpina wrote about UTMB’s Willed Body program. “At UTMB, students and faculty begin each dissection session with a moment of silence to honor the donor. Students learn the sacred trust of donors and the beginnings of respect, ethics, and patient-centered care.”

  • An improvement in heart and stroke disease diagnosis

    A new blood test developed by the biomedical technology company SomaLogic in Boulder, Colorado, focuses on proteins in the blood that could provide an early warning for heart disease and stroke patients. Drs. Norbert Herzog and David Niesel discuss the research in Medical Discovery News.