• UTMB researcher gets $2.26 M grant to expand HPV-vaccine program in Rio Grande Valley

    In February, the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas awarded Dr. Ana M. Rodriguez and her research team a $2.26 million grant to help fight human papillomavirus related cancers. Texas has one of the lowest HPV vaccination rates in the country, and in the Rio Grande Valley, young people are at a higher risk of developing HPV-related cancers.

  • A set of car keys next to two shot glasses with amber colored liquor

    Staged ‘crash’ event asks ‘Is It Worth It?’

    Driving while drunk. Or under the influence of drugs. Or when your mind is on anything other than the road. Is it worth it? The answer to that question is a resounding no. University of Texas Medical Branch Trauma Services, in conjunction with The Center for Addiction Research, will drive home that point with a live production that vividly portrays the devastating effects of drunken/drugged driving.

  • A profile of a person's face made of jigsaw puzzle pieces with a lightbulb above it and math formulas written in the background.

    Innovation meets entrepreneurship at UTMB

    This summer, the University of Texas Medical Branch and Texas A&M Galveston are teaming up to help students in the field of life sciences propel the good ideas rattling around in their heads into creative solutions that make a real difference in people’s lives.

  • A group of people place their hands one on top of the other

    UTMB Unveils School of Public and Population Health

    Focused on training the next generation of public health workforce and improving the overall health and well-being of residents, the University of Texas Medical Branch is announcing its newly established School of Public and Population Health today.

  • Recovering COVID patient coping with depression, regrets

    Conflicting news earlier this year about COVID-19 vaccinations confused Michele Budd, so she put off deciding if she should get the shot. Then she got sick and spent two weeks in the hospital.

  • Dr. Raimer visits with the LeBlanc family at the reopened residents lounge.

    Remodeled lounge, sleep rooms reopen for residents, fellows

    The remodeled residents and fellows lounge on the 12th floor of John Sealy Hospital reopened Oct. 29. The 12th floor space includes 31 sleep rooms, a meditation room, a lounge, showers, and spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico.