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A Closer Look at Men's Health

Men’s health has been a trending topic in popular culture recently, often referring to lifestyle, dieting and a picture of man with six-pack abs on a magazine cover. As a urologist who specializes in men’s health, however, I see a bigger picture.

Men’s health issues go beyond what you see on magazine covers – including a worrying and progressive deterioration in the general well-being of men in the U.S. Of chief concern are aging and increasing rates of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

The status of male sexual function is usually a parameter of general health. For example, a degree of erectile dysfunction – which affects nearly 52% of men ages 40 to 70 – may be followed by a major cardiovascular event, such as stroke or heart attack, if ignored or left untreated. Low testosterone, estimated to affect four in 10 men over 40, also has a significant impact on quality of life due to loss of muscle mass, increase of body fat, fatigue, low desire, low energy levels, and feeling down.

At UTMB Health we provide a precision medicine approach to help us through a shared decision-making process to formulate treatment plans tailored to each individual patient. We also provide cutting-edge technology and minimally invasive treatments.

As Director of Men’s Health at UTMB Urology and a fellowship-trained urologist in sexual medicine, andrology, and male genitourinary reconstructive surgery, I am proud of our ability to provide medical and surgical men’s health services. This includes:

  • All male sexual dysfunctions
  • Male urinary incontinence
  • Prosthetic urology surgery
  • Urethral stricture disease and reconstructive surgery
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Low testosterone
  • Male infertility

Since male sexual dysfunction could be an early sign of developing serious cardiovascular diseases, acting early and timely can save and improve lives. Men’s health is about caring for half of the society: fathers, husbands, grandfathers, friends, and their loved ones. We encourage men to have regular medical checkups with a primary care physician or urologist, and adopt healthy lifestyle habits.

The UTMB Urology team also provides comprehensive care across four campuses: League City, Clear Lake, Angleton, and Galveston, covering all aspects of urological care: urologic oncology, robotic and minimally invasive surgery, cancer treatment, female urology, men’s health/male infertility, and pediatric urology.

Laith Alzweri, MD, is Director of Men’s Health and Assistant Professor of Urology in the UTMB Health Department of Surgery.

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