Two children hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree

Staying safe this holiday season

As a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Bindi Naik-Mathuria, chief of the UTMB Health Division of Pediatric Surgery, has seen her fair share of accidents land kiddos on the operating table, so she’s passionate about spreading awareness and educating individuals about how to prevent those types of situations in the first place. During a recent chat with Meagan Clanahan of Houston Moms, Naik-Mathuria covered some common seasonal safety tips to help everyone have a happy, healthy, uneventful holiday season. Additionally, the high points have been outlined in this helpful Houston Moms post

Bindi Naik-Mathuria, MD

Dr. Bindi Naik-Mathuria is triple board-certified in pediatric surgery, general surgery and surgical critical care. She is an experienced pediatric surgeon with over a decade of clinical experience in general pediatric abdominal and thoracic surgery, pediatric surgical oncology, and pediatric trauma.

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