web banner with headshot image of UTMB Health radiologist Dr. Angelica Robinson, a black, smiling woman wearing pearls, a pink button down shirt positioned next to headshot of a smiling Dr. Crystal Alvarez, obgyn wearing a white coat and pearl earrings

Breast self awareness and screenings

Breast health radiologist Dr. Angelica Robinson and OBGYN Dr. Crystal Alvarez joined Meagan Clanahan, co-owner of Houston Moms, to discuss the latest guidelines surrounding screening mammograms, as well as the recommendation for patients to be "breast self-aware."

During the conversation, the women discussed a variety of topics including: 

  • The role OBGYNs play in helping a patient stay on top of their breast health
  • What "breast self-awareness" means
  • Screening mammography guidelines
  • Tips for women with dense breast tissue
  • 3D mammograms

To learn more, watch the full video interview.