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Innovation meets entrepreneurship at UTMB

Far too many good ideas never make it past the “wouldn’t it be cool if …” stage.

This summer, the University of Texas Medical Branch and Texas A&M Galveston are teaming up to help students in the field of life sciences propel the good ideas rattling around in their heads into creative solutions that make a real difference in people’s lives.

The Innovation in Life Sciences Camp, taking place July 24 to 29, will immerse professional, undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral students from schools throughout Texas in a culture of entrepreneurship.

The camp is intended to encourage creativity, innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit needed to move from idea to action. It also will strengthen the innovation corridor between Houston and Galveston and support collaboration among UTMB, Texas A&M Galveston, University of Houston-Clear Lake and Texas Southern University to develop programs to train students in the space of entrepreneurship and innovation.

“As a leading academic health care center, we need to strengthen our education and training programs to encourage our students to pursue entrepreneurship, innovation and business creation by giving them the knowledge and tools needed to enable them to advance their ideas and discoveries throughout a combination of their educational and entrepreneurial mindsets, unleashing their creativity,” said Dr. Massoud Motamedi, associate chief research officer and chief bioengineering and biotechnology innovations officer at UTMB.

“The summer camp provides the opportunity for students to learn about how they can equip themselves with the tools that are needed to be successful in their entrepreneurship journey,” he said. 

Camp attendees will meet with leaders and inventors in a high-energy, low-stress environment that includes seminars and discussions; hands-on experiences in problem solving; and personalized mentoring and relationship building to further their own projects, creating real solutions to real-life problems.

The Innovation in Life Sciences Camp was created in partnership with Blackstone LaunchPad and the UTMB Innovations & Entrepreneurship Studio.