UTMB Elevates Patient Care with Cutting-Edge Robotic Bronchoscopy

The University of Texas Medical Branch recently announced the implementation of a state-of-the-art robotic bronchoscopy system. Aimed at delivering the highest standard of care to patients, this technology is set to revolutionize diagnostic procedures in pulmonary medicine, offering unprecedented precision and minimally invasive capabilities.

"This robotic bronchoscopy system represents a significant leap forward in the field of diagnostic bronchoscopy to identify early-stage lung cancer before it has spread,” says Dr. Shawn Nishi, Interventional Pulmonologist at UTMB, about the impact of this technology. “This offers the best chance for cure for our patients."

A robotic bronchoscopy system combines advanced robotics enabling pulmonologists to navigate and sample areas in the lung that have been historically difficult to reach. Nishi says this innovative approach can significantly improve diagnostic outcomes for patients and is also one of the safest approaches.

“I have not experienced any side effects from the procedure and quite astounded by the speedy recovery,” says William Barnett, who is the first patient at UTMB to undergo the robotic bronchoscopy procedure.

 “We are committed to delivering the highest standard of care by investing in cutting-edge medical technology,” said Nishi. “As we continue to leverage these innovative tools, our patients can expect faster, more accurate diagnoses with a less invasive procedure, and improved outcomes.”