Brain Health Institute announces pilot program winners

UTMB Brain Health Institute announces Pilot Grant Program winners

The University of Texas Medical Branch Brain Health Institute, a world-renowned neuroscience hub focused on rapidly transitioning groundbreaking discoveries in biomedical neuroscience to clinical applications, recently announced the winners of its Pilot Grant Program.

“UTMB has been a leader in brain research for decades and we have the knowledge and ingenuity to push us over the finish line,” said Dr. Giulio Taglialatela, director of the UTMB Brain Health Institute. “We envision an institute that will foster the highest quality of scientific discoveries through providing break-though, state-of-the-art, and innovative resources. And by providing opportunities such as the Pilot Grant Program, we will leverage our strengths and enhance UTMB.”

From addressing fundamental unanswered questions to providing health and healing for debilitating illnesses such as Alzheimer’s Disease, chronic pain, mental health disorders and neurological trauma, the UTMB Brain Health Institute aims to set the highest standards of neuroscience health care. The Institute remains committed to its vision of being the world leader in innovative approaches to solving disorders related to the human brain and nervous system.

The following winners of the Pilot Grant Program represent a crucial step in achieving these goals and further solidify the institute’s position at the forefront of neuroscience excellence, Taglialatela said.

  • Drs. Mauro Montalbano, Guy Nir, Yingxin Zhao and Luiz O.F. Penalva
    The Role of RNA-Binding Protein Musashi1 and Tau in Alzheimer’s Disease with a Focus on the Nucleus
  • Drs. Gabrielle Rudenko and Jonathan D. Hommel
    Wiring Role of NEGR1 in Neural Circuits Underlying Obesity and Depression
  • Drs. Mansoo Ko, David A. Brown, Peter Kan and Negar Moradian Shahrbabaky
    The Effects of a Multimodal Therapeutic Approach with Kinesthetic Visual Feedback, Split-belt Treadmill Walking, and Backward Resistance on Gait Symmetry in Post-stroke Individuals
  • Drs. Benjamin B. Gelman, Janice Endsley, Irma Cisneros and Agenor Limon
    Mechanisms of Synaptic Dysfunction at the Intersection of HIV Infection and Opioids Misuse
  • Drs. Gregory Brusola, Carole Tucker, Xiang Fang, Robin Burns, Alison Vargo, Nancy Perachio and Brionne Elkins
    Advancing Neurorehabilitation Practices in Virtual Reality using the Integrated Multitask Assessment System (IMAS)
  • Drs. Rinat O. Esenaliev and M. Adelaide Micci
    Nano-Pulsed Laser Therapy System Prototype for Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury Patients