graphic image with black background and white burst illustrating the sunbursts that occur during an eclipse

Total solar-filtered glasses needed to keep eyes safe during total solar eclipse

Ahead of the total solar eclipse taking place on Monday, April 8, Dr. Misha Syed, professor of Ophthalmology with the University of Texas Medical Branch, wants to make sure individuals take the proper precautions and use the right glasses while viewing the natural event. 

“Special glasses are needed to view the eclipse,” she said. “If you don’t, you run the risk of damaging your eyes and it can be permanent.

She recommends individuals looking to the skies on April 8 first check to make sure they are using total solar-filtered glasses that have the designation ISO 12312-2. 

Traditional UV blocking sunglasses will not suffice in this situation, as certain rays will still be able to get through those lenses.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to witness one of these great acts of nature that we don’t always get to have in our lifetime,” Syed said. 

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