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  • UTMB Lifestyle Coaches

    UTMB leads the way in diabetes education and care

    With evidence-based clinical practices and a CDC fully recognized Diabetes Prevention Program, UTMB Health is leading the way in changing lifestyles and managing diabetes for individuals in the Greater Houston and Galveston areas and beyond.

  • How Listening to Mom Led to a Letter from a US President

    Dr. Bhavnani’s letter described how their family had immigrated to the US from India, how President Obama’s policies had helped to look after his mom at home after the hip fracture surgery, and how her health care experience led to the research and the PCORI funding. “I sent the letter because of mom. As the president gets about 1000 letters per day with only a few that are selected to be read by the president, I totally forgot about it” said Dr. Bhavnani.

  • More police, enhanced safety messages planned for Lone Star Rally in Galveston

    The University of Texas Medical Branch was preparing for an uptick in hospital admissions. “We will typically see an increased number of injuries during the event,” medical branch spokesperson Dizhi Marlow said. “We caution against drunk driving and to prepare for the weather and drive safe.”

  • A guide to vaccination throughout cancer care

    “First, people should talk to their physician who should indicate whether chemotherapy, immunotherapy or radiation therapy will weaken their immune system,” wrote Drs. Megan Berman and Richard Rupp in the latest Vaccine Smarts column.

  • Always be prepared to feed the fish

    Feeding fish can be a relaxing and even meditative activity. Plus, it has other health benefits, wrote Dr. Samuel Mathis in his newspaper column.

  • Breastfeeding reduces CV risk for mothers

    “We need to further promote the health benefits of breastfeeding on the health of newborns and their mothers,” wrote Drs. Norbert Herzog and David Niesel in Medical Discovery News. “This a public health issue that would save the lives of women.”

  • Person holding credit card and cell phone

    UTMB launches new PayZen program

    UTMB Health has launched a new program that makes it easier and more affordable for patients to pay for the health care they need.

  • Pamela French: Think Pink

    'People I hardly knew stepped up'

    Inspired by a friend's battle with cancer, Pamela French decided she wasn't going to be the "sick girl" when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Even when it tried to take everything she had, she fought back and kept it from taking her life.

  • Children in Halloween costumes

    Halloween Safety

    Children need glow sticks, reflectors, or flashlights to keep them safe from cars while collecting candy.

  • 'Trust yourself'

    When a doctor told Kristin Ozuna she was too young for cancer, she trusted her body and her gut until she found her way to UTMB and got the diagnosis - and care - she needed.

  • Get your flu shot

    Buckle up: Flu season fast approaching

    This winter, we may have a "twin-demic” of both COVID and flu filling hospital beds and clinics. It is important that people receive their influenza vaccination to keep this from happening.

  • replace for older adults

    Certain flu shots can better protect older adults

    Flu is ripping through our community. Now is the time to get vaccinated! If you are an older adult, you should know that some flu vaccines offer you better protection than others.

  • get those vaccinations

    Third dose booster offers many benefits for children

    Like many common vaccines, the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines should have been a three-dose series. The first two injections prime the immune system, and the third boosts it to provide a higher antibody response. In 5 to 11 year olds, the booster more than doubles the antibody levels found following the second dose. Additionally, boosting has been shown in other age groups to further improve the antibodies so that they better bind the virus and provide more protection against variants.