Badge Office - Security OperationsUTMB POLICE COMPONENTS

Galveston Location
    Galveston Office, 404 8th St., Galveston, TX., Rebecca Sealy Bldg. Room 2.756
Hours of Operation
     Monday - Friday - 8:00am - 5:00pm
Contact Us
     On Campus: ext:2-0657
     Off Campus: (409)772-0657

League City Location
    League City Office, 2240 Gulf Fwy S., League City, TX., Medical Plaza One Bldg. 281 - Room 1.400
Hours of Operation
     Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm, closed for lunch 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Contact Us

Clear Lake Location
    250 Blossom St., Webster, TX 3rd Floor, Rm. 3.102a (please call 832-505-5939 upon arrival)
Hours of Operation
     Thursday, 8:30am – 4:45pm, closed for lunch 12:00pm – 1:00pm
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Helpful Hints

Lost Badge and/or Key Payment Form:

To make a payment for a lost badge and/or key replacement please visit the following link: Payment Portal

All Badge/Access Requests RequireContractors, Volunteers, Observers

Note : A Valid Driver’s License, State ID, Passport, and
(if applicable) return of prior ID badge, must be presented
before a badge is ussued.

Note : Contractor and Volunteer badges are good for one
year from the security clearance date and must be
renewed every year.

Corrigo KCO Training Material

Helpful guidance for the new KCO Portal is here! For new KCOs (or for those that need a refresher) we have created a Corrigo KCO Reference Guide and a Corrigo KCO Reference Video.

Identification Badges and Smart Cards

The ID Badge/Smart Card is UTMB’s official faculty, staff and student identification, with the capability of access control to restricted buildings. In order to provide a far more secure, multi-purpose and efficient system for identification and access, the smart card system provides benefits both for users and managers of the system.

All UTMB employees, volunteers, contractors, and students shall wear a UTMB identification badge/smart card while on duty, with the exception of employees in certain direct patient care areas. The UTMB ID Badge/Smart Card shall be worn and displayed face-up at all times, and presented and/or surrendered to university officials upon request. Failure by employees or students to wear and display the UTMB ID Badge may result in disciplinary action, which may include termination.

The UTMB ID Badge is the property of UTMB and is non-transferable. Unauthorized use of the UTMB ID Badge warrants confiscation and/or disciplinary action, as stated in the Information Resources Security Manual. Failure by affiliated representatives to wear and display the UTMB ID Badge/Smart Card may result in their being barred from campus.

Because the ID/Smart Card features a magnetic stripe, proximity antenna, and chip, insignias, emblems, pins, and other devices including official UTMB length-of-service pins, should not be affixed to identification badges. Official visitors (e.g., consultants, auditors, attorneys, government officials, etc.) on campus for an extended period of time should be provided an identification badge.

Obtaining / Replacing a Badge

The UTMB ID Badge is issued upon employment or enrollment, as a student, at UTMB and to UTMB-affiliated individuals (based on specific criteria). Only one active badge may be carried. The badge is valid for the duration of employment, affiliation, or enrollment as a student at UTMB.

In order to obtain an identification badge for new or interdepartmental transfer employees, all requests must be made through their supervisor.  The supervisor will then need to make the request through their departmental Key Control Officer (KCO).  The KCO will need to go online to the University Police website to complete the request by clicking here for the “Request Badge / Acess Key Service” link and completing the request thru Corrigo. All individuals seeking to obtain a UTMB ID badge will need to bring a valid state issued ID or passport to the Badge Office. All UTMB ID badges will be printed using only the legal first and last name displayed on a valid state issued ID or passport.

The first UTMB ID Badge for employees is free of charge. The replacement charge for a lost or negligently damaged badge will be $25.00 The ID Badge/Smart Card should not be folded, have holes poked in it for any type of pin, or have any stickers affixed. ID Badges should be kept in the issued hard cases provided by the Badge Office. Individuals will be responsible for the replacement cost for any of these types of damage. A stolen badge will be replaced at no charge, provided a police report associated with the theft is shown to police. There is no charge to replace old, worn-out badges due to age, etc. *Non-smart ID badges are intended for special or short-term applications and are not available to students, faculty, or staff..

Identification of Credentials

Credentials must have one of the following criteria to be approved for use on UTMB ID/Smart Cards: State license; Terminal degree; or, Identification of personnel within patient care areas. Note: An individual can have no more than two (2) sets of credentials (line cannot exceed 22 characters) Each individual requesting use of credentials on UTMB ID badge must be verified by hiring department and submitted on the badge work order. Falsification of this document will result in disciplinary action, which may include termination. The approved list will be maintained by University Police. (Approved) Identification Credentials

Termination of Employment

Identification badges must be returned to the ID Badge Section or UTMB Police by all employees, faculty, students, volunteers, contractors, and vendors upon termination, graduation, or separation from UTMB for any reason.


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