Behaviors of ConcernUTMB POLICE SERVICES

         Individuals who commit acts of violence often display behavior before the event that may have given authorities or mental health professionals an opportunity to intervene before the tragedy occurred. UTMB Police collaborates with the University’s workplace and campus violence prevention components to attempt to proactively follow up on reported behavior that may be indicative of impending violence. UTMB Police encourages anyone who detects concerning behavior to report this to the University - Concerning Behavior Report Form ( In emergencies, UTMB Police should be contacted via 911.  In less urgent situations, please call 409-772-2691.  Other options may include the campus EAP program, which offers counseling and referral services, at 844-872-5986, or contacting Human Resources. In addition, safety threats can be reported through iWatchTexas Community Reporting System ( run by the State of Texas.


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