MyChartAccess your UTMB Patient Information

MyChart is a secure electronic way to access your health information and communicate with your UTMB health care team. It is a convenient, confidential online connection tool. All you need is internet access and an email account.

Need help? You can request technical help online from MyChart Support.

Assistance is also available 24/7 by calling (409) 77-CHART (409)-772-4278.

MyChart Features:

Electronic bill pay and online patient account management

MyChart users can manage their health care and their UTMB medical statements electronically.

When patients log in to MyChart and follow the new Billing link, they can review charges for all of their visits and those of family members for whom they have proxy access, see payments and adjustments made, the balance payable by insurance, and the patient balance owed. Charge details are available so that the patient can see, by date of service, exactly what was provided to generate each charge. Patients can also view their recent payments, making sure they are keeping current on their financial responsibilities, and that their accounts are accurate.

With one bill and MyChart electronic billing, UTMB Connect simplifies the patient’s bill, making it easier to figure out and manage. If you are not already a MyChart user, electronic bill pay and online patient account management are just two more excellent reasons to activate your MyChart account today on the MyChart site,

View your medical information online

  • Review your medications, immunizations, allergies, and medical history.
  • Receive test results online—no waiting for a phone call or letter.
  • Review health education topics and discharge instructions provided by your physician.
  • Lab results are released to MyChart within 24 hours of being available to your provider. In some instances, the patient may actually see the results before the provider has had the opportunity to review them.
  • Pathology and imaging reports are released to MyChart four days after being results are available. (However, the images themselves are not viewable in MyChart.)
  • The expedited release of patient results is being made so that patients have their test results as quickly as possible.
  • Also, at least two years of past results are available for all system users (excludes some data not available due to technical reasons—such as special test categories).

Use MyChart to update your medical information

You may now request changes to allergies, health issues, and medications while reviewing your information in MyChart. Your healthcare team will review the requested updates and make appropriate changes to your medical record.

Stay in touch with your physician

  • Communicating with your physician is as simple as sending an e-mail—but even more secure.
  • Request renewals of your medications online.

Manage your appointments

  • Make your next appointment request online.
  • View details of your past and upcoming appointments.

MyChart Family Access

Link your family's accounts to yours for convenient 24-hour access to many of the features you currently enjoy with your personal MyChart account. Depending on the type of proxy granted, you may have access to appointments, immunization records, prescription refills, secure messaging with the patient's UTMB Health care team, and more. For more information about proxy and to request proxy access, see the Proxy Information Page.

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