Efficiency of Care: Length of Stay and Cost of Care

UTMB ranks 13th out of 99 academic health centers nationally for safety of patient care.

LENGTH OF STAY refers to the period of time (in days) that spans from when a patient was admitted to the hospital to the time they are discharged. When determining a patient's length of stay, factors such as the diversity, clinical complexity and resources needed to care for the patient are taken into consideration.

VALUE is achieved through a number of methods. UTMB strives to create value and limit the cost of care by reducing the utilization of unnecessary repeat testing, procedures and treatments; carefully managing the use of valuable resources by ensuring appropriate blood transfusions; and continue to manage all of the medications our patients are prescribed. Promoting evidence-based medicine, disease prevention and chronic disease management, and eliminating waste are all largely aimed at improving the value with which care is delivered.

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