What We Report Overview

At UTMB, we believe in delivering high-quality health care provided in a safe, patient- and family-centered environment. To help us understand how well we are performing in these areas, we participate in several programs that measure the quality of our care. These programs look at our patient outcomes, or how well our patients fared after receiving treatment.

We offer timely reports on the categories listed below. Data for these categories information can also be found on Hospital Compare, but because there is a delay between the time that the data is submitted to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), we like to share our most recent performance data on this website. Information is updated on a quarterly annual basis.

Why Do We Report This Data?

Patient Experience

  • Inpatient Satisfaction How recently discharged patients (people who were admitted to the hospital and stayed overnight for any length of time) responded to a national survey about their hospital experience.
  • Outpatient Satisfaction How did patients who recently visited a UTMB clinic rate their overall experience?
  • Physician Ratings* See how patients rated UTMB physicians following a clinic appointment.

Patient Outcomes by Disease Process

Results for patient health outcomes (how well patients healed for various conditions) can help you find the best hospital and the best health care team for you. They also represent another way that you can have a voice in your care and increase your confidence that you will receive the highest level of care.


How often patients in the hospital acquire certain serious conditions that could have been prevented if the hospital followed procedures based on best practices and scientific evidence.

Readmission Rates

Reports for Readmission Rates provide information on the proportion of patients who return to the hospital within 30 days.

Mortality Rates (Deaths)

Mortality Rates Reports provide information on the number of people that died (acutal vs. expected) from their illness or injury at the hospital.

Length of Stay

“Length of stay” in health care refers to the period of time (in days) that spans from when a patient was admitted to the hospital to the time they are discharged.

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Hospital type: Acute Care Hospitals
Provides emergency services: Yes
Participates in: Cardiac Surgery Registry, Stroke Care Registry, Nursing Care Registry, General Surgery Registry
Able to receive lab results electronically: Yes
Able to track patients’ lab results, tests, and referrals electronically between visits: Yes
Uses a safe surgery checklist: Yes

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