Getting Started

To conduct human subject research at UTMB you will use to two electronic systems - Velos e-Research and InfoEd. Velos e-Research is a tool to help investigators and coordinators manage the daily tasks of conducting clinical trials and is the first entry point to initiating a new research protocol involving human subjects. InfoEd is the electronic online submission system used by the UTMB Institutional Review Board to review all human subject research protocols. All protocols are initiated in Velos, submitted through InfoEd, and then electronically routed to the IRB for review.

Velos Training

Completion of training is required prior to obtaining access to Velos. See our tip sheet for guidance on self-registering for this course. Upon completion of the training, you will receive information about making a Tivoli request for system access. You can work with your department's trusted requestor if you have any questions about this process. Please do not submit your Tivoli request prior to completing the required training.


Forms and Templates
Training and COI Disclosures

As part of the IRB protocol approval process, all investigators engaged in research with human subjects are required to complete and maintain valid human subjects protection training through the CITI Online Training Modules. When you log into CITI for the first time, select University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston from the Participating Institutions drop-down menu. Use your UTMB email address as your login and create a password you will remember.

Your CITI training MUST be complete and current prior to any submissions you are making to the IRB. Investigators and research staff must complete refresher training at least every three years.

COI Disclosures

All investigators engaged in research with human subjects are required to complete and maintain annual conflict of interest disclosures.

Important Updates

Changes were made to IRB Policies and Procedures and to InfoEd System. See the memo for details.