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The Sealy Center on Aging focuses on improving the health and well-being of the elderly through interdisciplinary research, education, and community service by integrating the resources and activities relevant to aging at UTMB. The Center also implements our research findings in hospitals and clinics, bringing excellence and visibility to our health care system, and improving the health of our seniors.

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Dr. Pappadis Publishes New Qualitative Study on TBI Among Immigrants

Nov 2, 2020, 09:51 AM by SCOA

Monique Pappadis, MEd, PhD has published a new article, "Soy diferente: a qualitative study on the perceptions of recovery following traumatic brain injury among Spanish-speaking U.S. immigrants."

The authors concluded, "Spanish-speaking U.S. Hispanic immigrants held a strong faith and positive outlook after TBI in spite of the significant barriers to recovery. A need exists for programs to support creatively the recovery of Spanish-speaking U.S. Hispanic immigrants with limited access to care and resources.

One participant nicely summed up the unique experiences of Spanish-speaking immigrants who sustain a TBI in the United States:

That's life and God knows why. And here we are struggling in this country because the opportunities in this country aren’t available over there [in our country]. It’s never available there… Here we are struggling for life. And we will continue until we are fine. Let's see how it goes, God willing. If God wants to take us, let it be. (P507, male, mild TBI, 6 months post)"

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