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Iwahara Lab


Our lab members actively pursue our research goals to better understand protein-DNA interactions.

Current Members


Junji Iwahara

Junji is responsible for the overall administration and direction of research projects in our lab. He supervises lab members, performs NMR experiments, analyzes data, and reports the results from our research projects. See "About the PI" or "Contact" for more information.

Binhan Yu_adj

Research SCientist (2019-)

Binhan Yu

Binhan conducts biophysical research on protein-DNA, ion-protein, and ion-DNA interactions using various advanced nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) methods and computational approaches.


Postdoctoral Fellow (2019-)

Xi Wang

Xi conducts kinetic and thermodynamic research on protein-DNA and protein-proteins interaction using biophysical approaches (e.g., fluorescence, NMR, and ITC) and biochemical approaches (e.g., EMSA).

Karina Bien

Research Associate (2021-)

Karina Bien

Using various chromatographic techniques (e.g., affinity, ion-exchange, size-exclusion), Karina prepares proteins and DNA for our biophysical and biochemical research. She also edits our manuscripts.


Medical Student (2020-)

Michael Atwood

Using NMR and biochemical methods, Michael conducts research on HMGB1 inhibition.