Certificate in Interdisciplinary Pain Management

Degree Plan & Curriculum


The program curriculum plan includes 3 semesters, totaling 12 credit hours, or 180 contact hours. Two of the 3 semesters will include 3 credit hours each (one course per semester, or 45 contact hours per semester) and one of the semesters will include 6 credit hours (2 courses for a total of 90 contact hours).

The courses will be comprised of virtual, synchronous sessions as well as independent study/reading and assignments. The cohort size is expected to be a maximum of 15 students at the onset, with only a summer semester entry.

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FirstMSHP 5330Pain Neuroscience: A Biopsychosocial Approach3
Total: 3 Credits / 45 Contact Hours
SecondMSHP 5332Interdisciplinary Chronic and Complex Pain Assessment3
SecondMSHP 5333Interdisciplinary Chronic and Complex Pain Management3
Total: 6 Credits / 90 Contact Hours
ThirdMSHP 5335Complex and Chronic Pain Conditions: Pathophysiology and Interdisciplinary Management3
Total: 3 Credits / 45 Contact Hours

Total Degree Plan Credits: 12 credits /180 contact hours

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