Certificate in Pain Management

Certificate in Interdisciplinary Pain Management

The Interdisciplinary Pain Management Certificate Program is an online course whereby individuals from various healthcare and biological science backgrounds interact and learn about the pain sciences through the lens of an interdisciplinary approach. The program will include various online resources including both live didactic lectures on different topics as well as pre-recorded lectures. The program facilitates a dynamic and evidence-based course that incorporates an interdisciplinary and biopsychosocial model that examines chronic and complex pain through pain neuroscience, pain assessment, pain management and complex pain pathologies.

The rationale for the Certificate in Interdisciplinary Pain Management

The Global Burden of Disease Study 2016 stated that the high prominence of pain and pain-related diseases and disorders is the foremost cause of disability and disease burden globally. Chronic musculoskeletal pain (CMP) is a global condition that has a significant impact on the lives of those individuals suffering from pain-related symptoms. Chronic pain (CP) physiological mechanisms are complex and necessitate a complete biopsychosocial approach to management, and therefore the need for an interdisciplinary approach. There are currently very few courses, globally, that facilitate interdisciplinary pain management learning, hence the need for this certificate program at UTMB which embraces an interdisciplinary learning model surrounding pain science. In addition, the online format for this course crosses geographical barriers and allows further access to individuals wishing to learn more about interdisciplinary pain science including pain management.

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