Respiratory Care

Degree Plan & Curriculum

The Department of Respiratory Care offers the Master of Science in Respiratory Care (MSRC) degree.

Clinical education in Respiratory Care involves the application of skills acquired in the classroom and laboratory settings to actual patients in a clinical setting. Students must demonstrate cognitive, psychomotor, and affective learning domains and apply it to patient assessment, clinical reasoning, problem-solving, synthesizing care plans, and troubleshooting equipment.


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The MSRC curriculum is an intensive 94 credit hours over 2 years that includes 30 credit hours of clinical experience. The final semester culminates the educational experience with a capstone project, a clinical internship, and an intensive board exam review.

Prerequisites for the program include having a baccalaureate degree and 8 hours of anatomy, 4 hours of chemistry, 4 hours of physics, and 3 hours of statistics.

Total: 94 Credits

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Fall IRESC 5103Respiratory Therapeutics Lab1
Fall IRESC 5301Pharmacology3
Fall IRESC 5303Introduction to Respiratory Care3
Fall IRESC 5401Disease Management I4
Fall IRESC 5501Cardiopulmonary & Renal Physiology5
Total: 16
Spring IRESC 5101Instrumentation Lab1
Spring I RESC 5201Intro to Research2
Spring IRESC 5402Neonatal-Pediatric Respiratory Care 4
Spring IRESC 5404Mechanical Ventilation I4
Spring IRESC 5502Physiologic Monitoring & Instrumentation5
Total: 16
Summer IRESC 5102Graphics Interpretation Lab 1
Summer IRESC 5302Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics I3
Summer IRESC 5405Mechanical Ventilation II 4
Summer IRESC 5601Clinical Practice I 6
Total: 14
Fall IIMSHP 5336Qualitative Research3
Fall IIMSHP 5310Human Resource & Leadership 3
Fall IIRESC 6301Evidence Based Practice3
Fall IIRESC 6801Clinical Practice II8
Total: 17
Spring IIRESC 6202Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics II2
Spring IIRESC 6203Capstone Experience 2
Spring IIRESC 6401Disease Management II4
Spring IIRESC 6802Clinical Practice III8
Total: 16
Summer IIMSHP 5301Medical Ethics3
Summer IIRESC 6201Educational Methods2
Summer IIRESC 6208NBRC Board Review2
Summer IIRESC 6803Clinical Internship 8
Total: 15

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