The UTMB Aerospace Medicine Clinic

Since 2003, concierge, customized support for all aspects of human spaceflight. 

UTMB Aerospace Medicine conducts pre-spaceflight medical clearance for space travelers flying on NASA, commercial and international spaceflights. Through a discreet, concierge medical service contracted through sponsoring spaceflight organizations, all elements of the medical clearance workup are conducted with UTMB specialists based at our Clear Lake Campus, near NASA Johnson Space Center. UTMB Clear Lake Campus is less than a 20-minute drive from Ellington Field and Houston Hobby Airport with appropriate accommodations nearby to facilitate the multi-day, multi-specialty medical clearance required for extreme environments experienced by space travelers. Our aerospace medicine consultation service works closely with NASA, commercial, and international partners in support of all phases of spaceflight training, launch, interspace travel and terrestrial recovery operations.


UTMB Health Aerospace Medicine Clinic
301 University Boulevard
Galveston, Texas 77555-1110

Office: (409) 747-6131
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