Texas Regional CTSA Consortium (TRCC) Quantitative Seminar

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In conjunction with the UTMB ITS, the Office of Biostatistics (OBIOS) sponsors the UTMB TRCC Quantitative Methods Seminar Series, a multi-site web-based series that is broadcast to all four TRCC UT system sites (UT Health San Antonio, UT Health Houston, UT Southwester in Dallas, UTMB) on the second Tuesday of each quarter. Topics include a wide range of quantitative and methodologic topics that are relevant to clinical and translational research including: machine learning, integrated IT systems designed for clinical research, and Bayesian analyses in comparative effectiveness research.

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Links to previous seminars

Seminar: Date Speaker Link to Slides Link to Past Seminars
Interim analysis in randomized controlled trials: Utility and Use CasesOctober 10, 2023Jody D. Ciolino, PhDFlyerZoom Recording
Access Passcode: @KZZHz$7
Using population cross-over trials to improve the decision process regarding treatment individualization in N-1 trialsJuly 11, 2023Francisco J. Diaz, PhDLink to flyer
Zoom Recording
Access Passcode:
Leveraging Data for Population Health: Developing Data Resources to inform PolicyApril 11th, 2023Cecilia Ganduglia Cazaban, MD, DrPHSlide Show LinkZoom Recording
Passcode: 27h.%#mm
Statistical and Design Considerations for Basket Trials with Applications and IllustrationsJanuary 10, 2023Alex Kaizer, PhDFlyer Link
A Bayesian Reinforcement Learning Approach for Optimizing Sequential Combination Antiretroviral Therapy in People with HIVOctober 11, 2022Xu Yanxun, PhDFlyer Link 
Causal inference from EHRs: Application to cancer prevention July 26, 2022Barbra Dickerman, PhDFlyer Link 
The win ratio: Sample size considerations using a network framework April 12, 2022Lauren Balmert Bonner, PhDFlyer Link 
Heterogeneous Treatment Effects in Randomized Trials: A Review and a New Strategy January 11, 2022Joseph Rigdon, PhDPowerPoint LinkZoom Recording
Access Passcode: s*D3BQk%
Statistical Meta-Analysis with Summary Statistics and Individual Patient-level Data October 26, 2021Ding-Geng (Din) Chen, PhDPowerPoint LinkZoom Recording
Access Passcode: ?Z#3e9^r
Causal Inference Methods for Multiple Treatment Group Evaluations August 3, 2021Hongwei Zhao, Sc.DPowerPoint LinkZoom Recording
Access Passcode: gr2Qa^x6
Use of Unstructured Free Text from Electronic Health Records: Extracting Structure and Representing PatientsJanuary 12, 2021Kirk Roberts, PhD, MSPowerPoint LinkZoom Recording
Acess Code: ?vSmF3r.