About the SIBDS Program

Program Overview

Datasets of enormous complexity and size are being generated in the diverse areas of electronic health records, genomics, environmental monitoring, and social media. The insights that can and will be made from these data sources will inform the prevention and treatment of human diseases and play a major role in biology, medicine, and public health in the coming decade. More training is needed to prepare the next generation of scholars to address these challenges.

The Summer Institute in Biostatistics and Data Science has been designed to introduce undergraduate students to the growing number of approaches to biostatistics and data science:

  • Students gain a comprehensive overview of the field of biostatistics and data science by working on mentored research projects.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to take part in professional preparation activities.
  • At the conclusion of the summer institute, each research project group presents their findings and learns about other student projects at a concluding research symposium.

Topics covered in the SIBDS Program:

  • Experimental Design
  • Data Management
  • Hypothesis Testing/Inference
  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Survival Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Programming in R