Department of Global Health About Us

“We believe that these values, when applied, result in us putting partners’ interests first and earning trust, which is sorely needed if we are to work together on creating a safer, cleaner, and healthier world for all.”
— Matthew Dacso, MD, MSc, FACP, Chair ad interim

Vision, Mission, and Values
  • Our vision is to create resilient health systems that support health promotion and improve health for all.
  • Our mission is to advance innovative programs that strengthen health systems through global engagement, cutting-edge research, high-quality training, and translation of policy into practice.

To achieve our mission and vision, we will develop collaborative initiatives focused on:

  • Engagement: Building strategic partnerships across diverse stakeholder organizations operating at local, national, and international levels 
  • Research: Contributing to the development of evidence-driven policies, programs, and interventions by allowing our research to inform change 
  • Training: Strengthening the capacity of the global health workforce through innovative multidisciplinary training programs 
  • Policy and Practice: Generating models for change by supporting scalable public health practice activities 

Our values are:

  • Partnership: We leverage our resources to meet the needs of the communities with whom we work by engaging as allies in bidirectional programs 
  • Respect: We work alongside partners to address current and emerging health challenges with humility, integrity, and dedication 


  • We acknowledge the historical, political, and structural factors that have generated global health disparities and work to address them through authentic engagement