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Each department has an approved contact that will be able to see the refreshes. Each month, that contact will log into Webtrax and designate what each asset is to be replaced with. The pending tab shows the ones that need to be approved. To check the ones that were already processed, go to the approved tab. To check the refresh date of a particular asset, go to Webtrax and put the number in the search field. The expiry date is the refresh date. If there is no date present, the machine is a UTMB asset or it has been bought out. In addition, on a monthly basis it is recommended that the Departmental TR monitor the monthly lease items on their inventory for accuracy.

For items that were previously bought out, UTMB owned assets and approved items that were never refreshed due to Hurricane IKE, select the top date of 1/1/1901. Please contact Information Services for any questions

There are 9 options (see below) to choose from in Webtrax. After you choose an option, it will go into the approved table. It is then processed through IS who orders the machines. Once the machine comes in, the user or department contact will be contacted to schedule the refresh. The old machine will be picked up at this time by the Refresh Technician.

  • Standard Dell Desktop - Hardware Standards
  • Standard Dell Laptop - Hardware Standards
  • Standard Mac Desktop - Hardware Standards
  • Standard Mac Laptop - Hardware Standards
  • Special Order - Create E-quote from * Dell Premier Page. Put E-quote number in space provided once you click special order.
  • Remove - PC will be picked up and sent back to Dell. It will then become a non-supported seat.
  • Buyout - Purchase current machine as it is due for refresh. Costs will be provided to you for your approval before processing. It then becomes property of your department. It will stay supported until a Remove PC Request form is completed.
    *UTMB no longer offers any Personal buyouts of existing machines.

Please Note: If this is to replace a PC with a G-tag on it, this process will need to start a month prior to Refresh Date. If not, lease extensions on current machine may apply.
*Dell Premier requires web site registration if you are not currently registered with the site.

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