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Wireless Services

Accessing the Wireless Network

UTMB has established a way to incorporate an equal blend of reliability, convenience, and security to UTMB’s advancing information technology environment. This ground-breaking initiative, driven by the IS Network and Security Services Team, provides campus-wide WIRELESS access to the UTMB network and Internet 24 hours a day.

Students / Faculty / Staff

The wireless network enables faculty, students, and staff with a UTMB email username and password to connect laptop computers or other devices to the network from several locations on campus without the need to plug in a data cable.

Patient / Guest

Limited wireless internet access is provided to patients and guests in all areas of the campus and hospital served by the UTMBGuest wireless network. UTMBGuest wireless users are required to register their device after connecting. This can be done by opening a web browser, and following the simple on-screen instructions of the UTMBGuest Captive Portal page.

Please note:
You must have up-to-date ANTIVIRUS software and PATCHES installed on your device before accessing the wireless network.


  • Wireless Card
    • A wireless card that supports the IEEE 802.11a, b, or g standard, also called “Wi-Fi compliant”
  • DHCP
    • Obtain IP Address Automatically
    • Use DHCP for WINS Resolution
  • Authentication
    • A UTMB-USERS-M account or sponsored Guest ID
    • Cookies enabled on your Web browser
    • JavaScript enabled on your Web browser
  • Security
    • Computers accessing the UTMB network with a wireless connection are required to have up-to-date patches and current auto-updatable antivirus software installed.
      • Students, Faculty, and Staff contact the IS Help Desk at (409) 772-5200 for information on acquiring antivirus software
      • Patients and guests are required to have their own antivirus software.


Detailed instructions for connecting to the wireless network:

Wireless Progress for all of UTMB

Currently, wireless network connectivity does exist across the entire UTMB enterprise. A project plan is being developed to deploy wireless across the enterprise within the next two years, scheduled to be completed by the end of 2012.
If you have any questions about wireless availability, please contact the UTMB IS Service Desk at (409) 772-5200 or ishelp@utmb.edu to open a ticket. A Network & Security Services representative will contact you after receiving the request.

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