Dallas Morning News, Jan. 28, 2007 Oren Renick, a professor at Texas State University in San Marcos, never enjoyed running very much.  "It never made much sense to me," Dr. Renick said. But the car accident that killed 24-year-old Megan Hamid of Plano, one of his most promising young students, motivated him to run and finish the recent Houston Marathon.  He had just begun training for the 26.2-mile race a month before Miss Hamid's death in September. Training mile after mile gave him time to plan a way to honor her memory. So he decided to ask people for donations to a scholarship fund in her name in return for him making it to the finish line. He made it and raised the money. "It has been through running that I have processed my grief," said Dr. Renick, the school's chairman of the department of health administration. " Miss Hamid, Dr. Renick's graduate student assistant, died in the car crash on her way from the Dallas area to the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, where she was serving in an administrative residency program.