Dallas Morning News, Jan. 27, 2007 AUSTIN - Texas soon will seek federal approval for a wide-ranging experiment designed to curtail costs in Medicaid, the country's main health care program for the poor. The plan is still being written but already has raised concern over how the poor will be treated and whether it will benefit insurance companies at the expense of safety-net hospitals, such as Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas... State Medicaid experiments usually don't mean more federal matching money, only a rearranging of how it's spent. Ms. Moody said a part of the Texas proposal would be comparable to a request that officials at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston made 16 months ago. They asked Mr. Leavitt to approve a "Three Share Program" in which low-income employees at small businesses in Galveston County could buy health coverage. The tab would be split equally among the employee, the employer and the state. Federal officials have made no decision on UTMB's plan.