KHOU-TV (CBS) Ch. 11 Houston TX (Internet / TV) 06/09/06 There’s an epidemic sweeping across the country right now and it could potentially involve millions of people. The epidemic is melanoma, the fastest growing cancer. Surf, sun and sand make up a lot of childhood memories. The sunburn you’d like to forget can also come back to haunt you. Once upon a time, UV rays were thought to be the only cause of skin cancer. We’ve discovered there’s been a shift in that theory. Some researchers now believe when it comes to melanoma, sun exposure may act as a trigger, but for some people, genetics may play an even bigger role. At the UTMB in Galveston, dermatologists said melanomas sometimes appear where the sun never shines. “They have discovered some genes that seem to be associated with melanomas and seem to be present in families where there is a high incidence of melanoma,” said Dr. Sharon Raimer.