Wichita Falls Times Record News (Internet / Print) 07/09/06 http://www.timesrecordnews.com/trn/local_news/article/0,1891,TRN_5784_4831423,00.html Getting that perfect shade of bronze can be like an Olympic competition during bikini weather, and plenty of folks continue going for the gold. But exactly how dark is too dark can be a tricky question to answer, one many experts question altogether. With research pointing to greater impacts, people should know how to keep from overindulging in tanning. Most dermatologists prefer people axe the tax on their skin. Richard Wagner, a dermatology professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch, said the golden tinge has no silver lining. "UV is a carcinogen," he said. "Tanning is a sign of chronic skin damage." Experts have a system to understand the impact of ultra-violet radiation. It boils down to the minimum erythema dose, Wagner said. Erythema describes how red skin gets as blood rushes into capillaries. The dosage points to the lowest amount of a certain type of UV light that produces redness 24 hours after exposure.