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Campus Enterprise Agreement Information for Selected Microsoft Products

What is the Campus Enterprise Agreement (CEA)?

The University of Texas System has fully funded a multiyear site license for selected Microsoft software products through September 1, 2013.

Departments may purchase software directly from the Third-Party Large Account Reseller, Dell Computer Corp. View List

Students and Staff may purchase software for a minimal cost from the UTMB campus bookstore.

For more information regarding the CEA, the following web site is available: http://www.utexas.edu/its/products/microsoft/.

The Service Center may be contacted for support questions at ext. 25200.

Note: If you purchase a new PC, the vendor is not allowed to sell it without an operating system. However, if you are able to receive a reduced price you should purchase PCs without other Microsoft products covered by the Agreement.

Where and how may staff obtain software for a home computer?

Eligible staff and faculty (excluding Contract, Temporary, and Retirees) may install software onto a home computer for their use by purchasing a copy of the software from the Campus Bookstore (see detailed information following), provided there is a copy of the same software on a University owned computer at work that is available for your use. To purchase the software you must provide a current employee ID and sign an end user license agreement.

Faculty and staff who do not use a computer at work are not eligible to use this software at home under this agreement. (rights to the software terminate when they leave UTMB or at the end of the agreement, August 31, 2010, whichever comes first).

Where and How may UTMB Students Purchase Software?

Students may install software on a home desktop only that is utilized for campus use. CD's containing the software may be purchased from the Campus Bookstore. (Diskettes will have to be special ordered). To be a legitimate user, a student must fill out an End User License Agreement with the Campus Bookstore and register all products with Microsoft.

Note: You will be required to remove the software from your personal machine immediately upon the earlier of (a) any event, with the exception of graduation, which causes you no longer to be a student of the institution or (b) expiration of the Campus Agreement 3.1 Subscription term.

If you graduate during the agreement term, the Software license will convert to a perpetual license (meaning you own the software) as verified in your Student License Confirmation, which will be furnished to you at the time of graduation. The student license confirmation is proof of software ownership.

Where and how may Study program students and or off-campus employees purchase software for home use?

Registered students participating in a study program and/or employees working, preventing them from being physically located on UTMB Galveston campus may purchase CD's for home use from the UTMB bookstore by mail.

Steps to purchase software for study program students and/or off-campus employees:

  1. Print Student End User License Agreement and read carefully and sign
  2. Call the bookstore for pricing information letting them know you have faxed the request to them
  3. Fax below information to the UTMB bookstore at (409)772-3440
    • Completed Student end user agreement
    • Photocopy of UTMB ID or Drivers License
    • Telephone number
    • Fax number
  4. Call UTMB Bookstore at (409)772-1939 to confirm they received the fax
  5. Get price information for software requested
  6. Personal check (add 8.25% sales tax) made out to the UTMB Bookstore
  7. Mail check to the UTMB Bookstore (Be sure to include a return address)

    Mail To:
    University of Texas Medical Branch
    UTMB Bookstore
    Moody Medical Library, Room 1.106
    Galveston, Texas 77555-0936

Software will be mailed to students after receiving full payment with the signed EUL form.

Support for Students at home

Students can call 25200 with questions regarding software installed at home. If the IS HelpDesk isn’t able to provide assistance over the telephone, support for students is available by Information Services. Support is currently provided on a walk-in basis, you can bring your home PC/laptop to 1.710 Rebecca Sealy for assistance with your machine.

Server Licenses

How do I acquire server licenses?

Although there are no server licenses being distributed under the MS CA program, various server licenses can be purchased under the Microsoft Select 6.0 program http://www.utexas.edu/its/help/microsoft-campus-agreement/1272

Where and How May I obtain the Software for my Department?

Previously Purchased Products:

In the event your department or office has previously purchased products that are now currently covered by the Agreement, you may legally install this software on UTMB owned computers. You may also obtain the software from an Information Services server.

Departmental Purchases:

Departments may purchase software CD's directly from the vendor selected by UT System by submitting a purchase order. (the Large Account Reseller servicing this program). Be sure to state that you are with the University of Texas System so that you are certain to receive correct pricing. (Pricing for departments and staff should never be more than that of the students).

To order from Dell, (the large account reseller), log on to Dell Premier site, most questions and information can be obtained at Dell's web site. Answers to questions that are not answered on the Dell Premier site can be referred to our Dell Account Representatives:
Leah Buluran
1-800-274-1550 ext. 513-9213

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many times may I install this software?

Each individual eligible to use software under the Microsoft Campus Agreement is licensed for one (1) copy of each product. Individuals with multiple qualifying eligibilities (i.e. student and employee) are still only licensed for one copy of each product.

The license for Windows operating system upgrade software entitles you to install the software on one computer only. If you have additional computers, you will need to purchase retail copies of the Microsoft Windows operating system for them

Under the one license for applications in the Microsoft Office System (e.g. Office XP Professional, Office 2003 Professional, Publisher 2003, etc.), applications can be installed on two systems. Per the Microsoft Office End-User License Agreement:

  • 1.1 Installation and use. You may:
    • Install and use a copy of the software on one personal computer or other device; and
    • Install an additional copy of the software on a second, portable device for the exclusive use of the primary user of the first copy of the Software.

Student and faculty/staff work-at-home media can be used to install and activate both installations using the product key included. At no time will an additional copy of the installation media or product be provided for the purpose of multiple installations.

Please note, installation and activation are two completely separate processes.

Can we provide the Volume License keys to Students or Faculty/Staff who purchased MSCEA media previous to September 1, 2002?

No. Under the terms of the current Microsoft Campus Agreement which became effective on September 1, 2002, students should at no time be provided Volume License Keys. Students who initially purchased volume licensed products and have lost the VLK should be permitted to purchase a new individually-keyed copy of the software subject to availability.

Can I use this software at my home?

Yes, as long as you are using the same software at your workstation at work.

Can departments purchase student media?

No, Departments are only permitted to purchase and install the MS Select volume license keyed media.

What is the difference between the Departmental media and Student & Faculty/Staff work-at-home CA media?

Departmental media is MS Select media which is keyed with a Volume License key. Student & Faculty/Staff media is individually keyed student media which requires product activation through Microsoft.

Why are we having to change the Microsoft distribution to individually keyed media for student or faculty/staff?

Microsoft is now producing student specific media that is individually keyed and may not be copied. This is intended to reduce software piracy. Beginning September 1, 2002, we are required to distribute this type of media for all Microsoft Campus Agreement student and faculty/staff work-at-home products. Keyed student Windows XP media was introduced for distribution in this manner in November 2001.

UT System MS Select
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