IS employees taking group selfie


  • Our Mission

    Information Services provides IT systems and infrastructure in support of UTMB’s mission to improve health for the people of Texas and around the world. We will lead the delivery of technology and services that enable UTMB to define the future of healthcare.

  • Our Goals

    • Retaining, attracting, and developing highly skilled employees and providing a preferred work environment
    • Delivering the systems and services that support high-quality outcomes, strengthen UTMB’s competitive position, and enhance UTMB’s growth
    • Ensuring adequate resources are available, streamlining processes, investing in and optimizing technology
  • Our Values

    • We care about our staff, their work environment, their work-life balance, and their professional growth and development
    • We provide reliable systems and infrastructure
    • We provide the best service possible to our customers
    • We secure the information we are trusted to protect
    • We enable our customers to provide safe, high-quality patient care, leading-edge research, and exceptional education
    • We keep technology current and adaptable
    • We provide cost effective solutions and services