Departmental Cell Phones

DDepartmental cell phones are offered through agreements with AT&T Wireless, Sprint Wireless and Verizon Wireless. This service is provided directly to UTMB departments at a discount and rate plans are billed monthly to the authorized UTMB accounts. To receive a cellular phone, the department must submit the Mobile Authorization Form. This service is for cell phones that are shared among users in a department. For cell phones assigned to a specific individual, please see the Mobile Communication Devices Policy.


The services are offered at a discount available to UTMB departments through arrangements provided by the Texas Department of Information Resources (provided by the TEXAN 2000 contract). Cellular phones are sold directly to UTMB departments and rate plans are billed monthly to the authorized UTMB accounts.

A monthly service/support fee of $5.00 applies.


The cellular service providers have a continual assortment of new cell devices available for your selection. The cellular device chosen must match with the service provider to function. To view the latest devices, select the provider from the list below:

The links provided below are for viewing only. Do not add to cart. Correct discounted pricing will be provided by Mobile Device & Student Support upon receipt of request form.

Lost or stolen devices should be reported immediately to Mobile Device & Student Support so that service can be temporarily suspended.