UTMB Email - Managing Spam

B efore email is delivered to your UTMB inbox, it is filtered by a service called Exchange Online Protection (EOP). EOP has been configured to protect UTMB email users from both nuisance (SPAM) and potentially harmful (phishing and virus-infected) email messages by placing these emails in quarantine. Quarantined messages are reported to users daily via email from quarantine@messaging.microsoft.com.

Email users can release individual emails from quarantine, though individual user whitelists (i.e. "Report as Not Junk") cannot be supported. Email users can manage SPAM email by logging into the Quarantine Admin portal (https://admin.protection.outlook.com/quarantine/) to view and, if necessary, release quarantined emails. The portal stays current with email as they are quarantined.

Email users needing to prevent quarantining of emails from specific address domains (the portion of the email address after the "@" sign) should complete the "Email Whitelist Request," online at https://www.utmb.edu/infosec/FormsLibrary/Index.asp. After review, appropriate address domains will be forwarded to Information Services for "global" whitelisting. Please note that global whitelisting will prevent quarantining of emails from the address domain for ALL UTMB email users, and as such, should not be requested for purely personal or non-professional address domains.