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IDSInformation Design Services (IDS) offers web design, site maintenance, and web application development services to campus entities.

To begin a project, an IDS representative will meet with clients to gather the information needed to create a high-level scope document and estimate the hours needed to complete the project. A project outline and agreement form will be created, based on the information gathered. Once the agreement is signed, IDS can go to work.

IDS will begin basic work on the site, and meet again with the client to review essential details and functionality. Progress can be monitored online, and IDS will meet with the client at certain milestones during the project.

Rates - IDS bills hourly, at the rate of $95 per hour. This rate includes:

General uploading of content, creating and populating new pages, etc. during the initial project (site creation, etc.). Site maintenance. Interface, graphic design and site design, including site architecture. Creating or enhancing custom web applications with or without database connections.

Environment - All new websites will be hosted in the Content Management System (CMS). Existing websites on older servers will be moved over as they are redesigned. Information Services currently offers traditional web hosting on a Microsoft platform, supporting sites written in HTML, classic ASP, and ASP.NET.

Please visit our website at or contact IDS.Team for more information.