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Webformsis an online form-building tool with an easy-to-use interface. One can quickly assemble working web forms, and EIS can assist with publishing them to the web, embedding them in a web page on your site, or providing a link to be enclosed in email. Forms are mobile-friendly, and display very nicely on tablets and smartphones. Available form tools include field validation, a drag-and-drop interface, and the ability to require either "wet" or digital signatures. Webforms is robust enough to interact with other applications like PeopleSoft and the UTMB Online Directory, and includes a built-in workflow engine.

EIS provides some support documentation and will assist with publication of forms. Webforms is provided as a self-service tool, so that most of the steps in form creation are accomplished by the customer. Our cost-recovery service center, Information Design Services, is available for those who wish for a convenient alternative to creating forms themselves.

WebForms is provided at no cost to users, but IDS engagement will require payment.

Need Support? If you would like more information, please contact EIS at eis.team@utmb.edu.

WebForms User Guide (PDF)

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