IS Emergency Operations

Information Services provides support for critical hospital, clinical, academic and research information systems and technology. The Information Services (IS) Emergency Operations Plan and Business Continuity Plan work in conjunction with the UTMB Institutional Emergency Operations Plan to provide instructions to IS staff regarding actions and services to be performed in the event of any planned or unplanned event which interrupts normal business operations.

  • Implementation

    In the event of an external threat or emergency, the President of UTMB or his designee, (normally the Institutional Emergency Preparedness Officer), has the authority to activate the Institutional Emergency Operations Plan. Upon notification of an external emergency, UTMB Emergency Preparedness Officers will utilize a master call list and notify departments. Any internal emergency plans will be coordinated by the Director of Information Services or the appropriate Area Manager.
  • Emergency Staffing

    In accordance with the UTMB emergency operations staffing policy, all Information Services staff should know their emergency designations, obtain appropriate emergency credentials and understand their responsibilities during any emergency.
  • Communication and Chain of Command – Internal or External Emergencies

    Area managers will be notified as soon as emergency information is known. In the event of any emergency, all IS employees should communicate with their manager or a person designated by their manager. UTMB has identified a number of mechanisms for communicating to staff, complete information can be found on the

  • UTMB Emergency Operations website. For your convenience, several methods have been listed on this page under Institutional Plan information.

    Information Services will maintain an IS Command Center, consisting of staff from the Information Technology Operations Center and Operator Service Center, 24/7 throughout most emergency situations. These areas will coordinate all telecommunication services, system monitoring and recovery actions from that location. In addition, IS will position a person within the UTMB Incident command center during enterprise emergencies. The Information Technology Operations Center should be the first source of information for all IS staff regarding system status and return to work information. The Information Technology Operations Center can be contacted at (409) 772-3873. In the event that telephone communication is unavailable, the Information Technology Operations Center will post its most current IS staff specific information at

UTMB Institutional Plan Information

UTMB Payroll Policy for Emergencies – Prior to leaving for Emergency Leave, employees must have their Kronos time entries up to date to ensure up to date and accurate payroll records. Department Administration offices will have a supply of paper timesheets available after an emergency should be necessary.

Access Credentials

E1_image_templateIn the event of an emergency, Essential staff will need three items to gain access to UTMB campus and parking for 1 vehicle:

  • Your UTMB ID badge
  • An orange badge tag
  • An orange parking pass

The Galveston Re-Entry decals are NO LONGER necessary.

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