Installation Services

Audio Video Design Engineering and Project Estimations.

ISVO has several highly qualified Audio Video Design Engineers, Estimators and Install Technicians on our team. Our team will be happy to arrange a cost estimate for adding, removing and or upgrading your new or refurbished facility with Audio Video technology.

Please click below for a review of the price range of standard AV conference rooms at UTMB.

Project Estimations Please send an email to or call (409) 772-5200 to have a service ticket created for your A/V estimation request. Please allow 3 weeks for estimation process. To speed up process, please have the following information ready:

  • A brief description of what type of technology you require.
  • Do you need a higher cost, fully automated single touch panel control AV system with audio and video conferences with a large interactive display or projection system and built in microphones and speakers? or. . .
  • Do you need a lower cost, manually controlled (hand held, remote controlled) A/V system w/out touch panel control and a lower cost, high quality projector or display?
  • Additional info that would be helpful: Room dimensions, ceiling type (hard lid or drop ceiling) and height. Number of people that usually attend meeting, furniture layout, project schedule to include estimated start and completion times.

A/V Installation Process After the initial Design Engineering and Project Estimation has been approved and your department would like to proceed with the install; the following should be noted in order for a smooth successful installation process:

  • Product ordering and installations will not proceed without a signed quote with an appropriate FRS # and LCode. Please note that equipment purchasing will take a minimum of 15 working days to process.
  • The requesting department should assign a person who will be the main contact throughout the installation. This person should be available to answer any ongoing questions and concerns from ISVO during the install process.
  • The requesting department shall provide detailed information to ISVO in regards to requested deadline for project and all caveats that may impact the schedule such as construction schedule and room availability.
  • Make sure the area slotted for install is available at the specified and agreed upon installation date and times. Installs delayed due to areas not being available when agreed may result in additional fees and overall project completion delays.
  • After the project has been completed, a walkthrough with a representative of ISVO and the project lead from the department will be necessary to make sure the equipment is as requested and fully functional. At this time any changes, modification or items not functioning should be documented.
  • Each department is required to have at least one individual (A/V Ambassador) who is responsible for making sure their team is properly trained on how to use their A/V equipment, by either organizing the initial training session with ISVO and or personally providing hands on training internally to their peers on a case by case basis.
  • An initial training session will be provided to either a large group, small team or to an individual (the A/V Ambassador) that will ultimately be responsible for the administration of the ongoing usage, scheduling, preventative maintenance plan and or security of the new A/V equipment. Please note: Additional requests for training and support on AV equipment already covered in initial training session will be billable.

A/V Support and Repair Service Level Agreement: ISVO is dedicated to servicing and training individuals on the proper use of any Audio Video equipment that has been approved and purchased through the Video Operations department. While there is certainly a wide variety of equipment available from numerous sources, ISVO has spent significant time and resources researching the highest quality professional products and negotiated the best prices with respected, service oriented technology providers in order to provide the UTMB community with stable, reliable equipment. This extensive technology vetting process also allows the ISVO team to provide better service support to their clients. After any A/V equipment is initially installed, we provide a 30 day craftsmanship warranty support agreement and a training session on how to use the new equipment at no additional fee. Our commitment to services and support UTMB standard AV technology is as follows:

Break/ Fix Service Calls: At ISVO, mission critic Break/Fix technical service calls are our number one priority. The technical team is very proficient in responding to and troubleshooting ISVO approved and supplied AV technology in a timely manner. For any assistance in trouble shooting and repair of AV technology please contact or call 25200 to have a service ticket created for a technician to come out and assess your needs.

  • When contacting the Service Desk, please be specific with what the issue is, when it started, what devices are affected and if the issue is mission critical or non-urgent.
  • Please make sure to include building, room number, contact information and any special access information such as room availability, secured doors, etc.

Please note that there may be a service fee associated with A/V service and repairs so please have your FRS information available to speed up the process. A few additional fees that may be applicable are as follows:

  • If the affected A/V product is not purchased through, nor on an approved equipment list by ISVO. (Please inquire about actual service fee)
  • Purchase of any new parts required to fix issue. (Price dependent on cost of parts, however an estimate will be provided before an order is placed).
  • Shipping back of any defective parts and or pieces to manufacture or third party repair company or travel outside of 25 mile radius from main office.

Warranty Support: If ISVO installs the equipment we offer a 30 day craftsmanship warranty. Craftsmanship warranty is a guarantee that the manner in which the equipment was installed was appropriate. IE. If a connector comes loose not due to negligence on the part of the user during this period we will replace that connector at no charge. Any service calls after that 30 day period may be billable. ISVO will only provide service support calls relating to the Audio Video equipment that has been recommended, purchased and installed by the ISVO team

If an outside integrator installed the equipment they typically come with a 1 year craftsmanship warranty. Any service calls after this period may be billable.

  • Manufactures warranty applies to all hardware purchased through ISVO.
  • During this manufacturers warranty period, service calls to assess break fix situations will be at no addition fees (with the exception of any applicable shipping fees).
  • Exclusions to this service: Neglect or misuse of equipment and or if equipment has been moved, modified or additional ancillary equipment has been added after its original install by ISVO technicians.
  • Additional fees may be required if travel outside 25 miles radius of main Galveston office and or if shipping is required to return defective equipment back to manufacture.

Out of Warranty Support: ISVO will provide (at additional fee for time and materials), service support calls relating to broken, damaged or unauthorized modification of A/V equipment owned by UTMB.

  • All Out of Warranty Break/Fix visits will be billed for materials, parts and shipping cost associated with final repair.
  • Unless equipment was purchased from a grant, all break fix fees will typically be charged back to the original account equipment it was purchased from. All break fixes for grant provided product will require a new account number to be billed against.

ISVO team will do its best to give an accurate estimate of repair cost prior to ordering any parts and proving additional ongoing labor aside from initial visit costs.

Technical Training Support ISVO will provide initial phone "How To" support for clients at no additional fee as schedule and work load permits.

  • Phone support includes advice on how to use standard functions of A/V equipment, powering on and off equipment and or other simple user errors and or product information.
  • Extensive training in writing, via phone and or in person (after initial training was provided to the departments Technology Ambassador) after the equipment has been installed and or repeated calls for similar users errors may be billable back to the team members originating department.

Additional training session or documentation can be provide at $100 per hour plus any cost associated with requested training materials.

Please email ISVO at or call (409) 772-5200 for a installation quote.