myVPN SetupInformation Services

myVPNnow uses a client called JUNOS PULSE, replacing the Network Connect client.

Mobile device users:

Download the Junos Pulse app from the app store of your device. Enter URL Other info needed is AD username and password.

OS X Users (MACs):

Mavericks it installs with Firefox or you can contact the service desk (ext. 25200) for the DMG install file.

Workstations (not MACs):

Open in your browser. Browser is only needed to install Junos Pulse which can be run directly from the taskbar after being installed.

Windows Users:

Be sure to both allow Pop-Ups and Active X Controls downloads before proceeding (for Internet Explorer users, when you click the link watch just below the URL/ADDRESS line for an indicator that a pop-up was blocked and click it to allow the pop-up). To get started, open Internet Explorer and go to:


Note: Network Connect has been replaced by Junos Pulse.


After launching Junos Pulse you will notice a new icon in the systray some say looks like a bug. The install process may take 5 to 10 minutes to complete. You will be prompted multiple times, simply click OK or Yes. Some MS Windows dialog boxes may get hidden behind other windows so watch the task bar.


Once installed you can open or close your VPN session using the Pulse icon on the systray. You will no longer need to use the browser but it will still work. Simply right-click on the Pulse icon on the systray:


You can edit or review your connections by Opening Pulse.


All you need is a URL (, username, password and next Step



Type push, then Connect and finally Approve on your Phone