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Mobile Hotspots

Wireless Data Cards UTMB offers mobile hotspots through agreements with AT&T Wireless, Sprint Wireless, and Verizon Wireless. Mobile hotspots operate through the cell networks and provide the high speed, wide area, wireless connectivity to your laptop computer and convenient access to the UTMB network, e-mail server and Internet. No cable or cellular phone is needed for internet connection. This service is sold directly to UTMB departments at a discount and rate plans are billed monthly to authorized UTMB accounts. To obtain this service the department must complete the Mobile Hotspot Services Form.

Browse mobile hotspot options and compare offerings from the four carriers: View Mobile Hotspot Services


Price for devices and plans vary according to vendor promotions. One time charges range from free to $49.99 with monthly charges ranging from $49.99 to $59.99.

Notice on Mobile Hotspots

Selected carriers (AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint) provide data packages ranging from 2GB to Unlimited data for hotspots. Contact us if you have any questions on pricing and availability.

What most people want to know is, "What Does 5 Gigabytes Get Me?"

To help answer the question, here are some examples of what typical 'downloads' eat up in bandwidth:

*number of times you have to do to get to 5 gigabytes.


File Size


1 email



1 webpage visit to EVDOinfo.com



1 downloaded song from iTunes



1 typical 3 minute video on YouTube/Google



1 hour of 56k audio stream


200 hrs

1 typical 5 minute video on iTunes



1 hour of video stream or 2-way video chat


97 hrs

1 hour of World of Warcraft online gaming


156 hrs

1 typical 45-minute TV show from iTunes



1 Full-length (2 hours) movie download



1 entire DVD disk image



From these charts, it is obvious that the activities which consume the most bandwidth involve music and video downloads.

Also, don’t forget about major software updates for your computer. They don't happen daily, but could easily be over 100 MB and have been known to happen a couple times a month. For the majority of account holders, 5 GB of bandwidth is hard to consume and you should not have to worry about exceeding 5 gigabytes in a month.

We suggest not using your mobile hotspot if you plan to travel internationally. The 5 GB is for domestic use only. You can purchase 100 MB Data usage within 90 countries for $119.99 and 200 MB Data usage within 90 countries for $199.99. This is not much and you will still incur roaming charge. Contact Mobile Device & Student Support before you leave so that we can help you investigate the best options. Below is the AT&T international link that explains roaming charges.

AT&T International Link

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