• COPD program decreases 30-day hospital readmission, may increase mortality

    Researchers UTMB found that while the 30-day readmission rate for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease has decreased, the mortality rate has increased. Both Daniel Puebla Neira and Gulshan Sharma were quoted in the story. This news was also reported in SOUND HEALTH and Lasting Wealth, The Medical News, Brinkwire, Science Magazine, 7thSpace, Medical Xpress

  • Reasons young women choose a particular contraceptive method

    “If discussions about contraception become more normalized, then improvements in the use of more effective contraceptive methods could potentially occur,” UTMB’s Jacquiline Hirth told Contemporary OB/GYN. Hirth discussed the findings of her survey on women’s choice of contraceptive including some of the surprises gleaned from the data.

  • Health apps pose privacy risks, but experts offer this advice

    When you check your heart rate, track your weight or manage your diabetes with a health app, do you know where the data goes? UTMB's Mohammed Abdullah and Joshua Belillo decided to track it down and found it could be going places you never intended. “Right now, there are no limitations on what companies can do with this data,” said Abdullah. News about their story has been reported widely including in the Sun Sentinel, The Virginian-Pilot, The Register Citizen, Journal Courier, Laredo Morning Times, Big Rapids News, CTPost, Times Union, The Hour, Midland Daily News, Midland Reporter Telegram, Manistee News, StamfordAdvocate.com, Home Health Choices, Brinkwire

  • There's a frantic global race for a COVID vaccine, and Houston hopes to be an ultimate winner

    UTMB’s Camila Fontes was featured on the front page of the Houston Chronicle on Sunday as part of a story on the effort to develop and test a covid-19 vaccine in the Houston area. UTMB’s Scott Weaver, Pei-Yong Shi, Xuping Xie were also included in the story. “I’m a realist,” Fontes told the Chronicle. “I have an opportunity to help everybody else. I want to see my mom and my dad. They’re in El Paso, and if I want to see them, we need a solution.” This news also reported in San Antonio Express-News, Laredo Morning Times, MSN.com, MSN Canada,

  • In Galveston County, hundreds volunteer for COVID-19 vaccine trials

    UTMB’s Richard Rupp tells The Daily News that covid-19 vaccine trial volunteers in Galveston County are among tens of thousands of people participating in trials across the country. UTMB is conducting trials for two vaccines, one being developed by Moderna and another by Pfizer, Rupp said.

  • COVID-19 Might Just Be The First Big Pandemic Of Many This Century

    “I don’t think it is avoidable. But it is preventable,” UTMB’s Nikos Vasilakis told Buzzfeed of future pandemics. Experts foresee an accelerating rate of pandemics in the years ahead driven largely by deforestation, urban crowding, and wet markets for wild game, Buzzfeed reports.