• America Is Facing a Monkey Shortage

    With more than more than 100 COVID-19 vaccines, therapies, and drugs in development, there is a national shortage of monkey’s typically used for biomedical research. But UTMB’s Vineet Menachery tells The Atlantic that hamsters may actually be a better test subject. This news also reported in DNYUZ and MSN.com

  • 'Really heartbreaking': Social isolation can have harmful effects on seniors

    “People just aren’t aware that when someone has congestive heart failure and they have high blood pressure, the effects of depression on these illnesses itself can be devastating,” UTMB’s Tammie Michael told The Daily News. Michael spoke the local newspaper about the toll social isolation can have on seniors.

  • Religion and health: Is there a relation?

    In his weekly column, Victor Sierpina explores the connection between a person’s religion and health. Sierpina writes that in his practice he has learned that a patient’s personal spiritual beliefs are a major part of how they face life and death.

  • The use of oleandrin as a possible treatment for coronavirus explored

    A compound made from the flowering oleander plant has been in the news as a possible treatment for coronavirus. UTMB’s Scott Weaver has tested the product and says while it may inactivate coronavirus cells grown in lab dishes, much more research is needed to determine if it could help humans dealing with the illness. Yahoo! also covered the possible use of the compound.

  • Trailblazing physician retires after 63 years at UTMB

    UTMB’s Dr. Lillian Lockhart was honored by friends and colleagues with a parade at her home to celebrate her retirement. Lockhart, 89, was one of the first women to teach genetics in a university. “I loved teaching,” she said. “I never had a bad student. I really enjoyed that part the most, other than seeing my patients.

  • Hurricane Phoenix is Tampa Bay's devastating worst-case scenario

    The Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council recently conducted a hurricane simulation to examine what would happen if the Tampa Bay area experienced a direct hit by a Category 5 storm. They determined it would be a devastating blow to the area, but residents would rebuild as they have done in the past. UTMB’s Jeff Temple explains that risk exists everywhere. “If it’s flooding, mudslides, or earthquakes, or fires, or hurricane, or tornadoes, it’s really inescapable,” said Temple.

  • Love unifies us for the greater good

    This week, Victor Sierpina writes about the power of love and the need for more of it today. He encourages readers to reach out to each other with greater consciousness, love and healing.