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Project Overview

UTMB Information Services has initiated a major project to move all employees to Microsoft's Office 365 cloud-based environment. A migration to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for file management and collaboration (replacing the iSpace environment) kicked off in February 2019 and will run through June 2020. A move to Exchange Online email began in August 2018, and has been completed. Future projects will include moving UTMB's departmental file shares (S: drives) into SharePoint Online.

This move to Office 365 will be a major shift in how UTMB employees create and collaborate. It also offers improvements in file sharing and security. IS will be with you every step of the way, with training materials and assistance when you need it. The end result will be a more capable work environment for everyone.

Detailed Overview and Project Status, March 27, 2020


First, we hope you are all doing well and working from home, if possible. A special thanks goes out to those of you who are at work and especially those who are seeing patients.

It’s been a while since we’ve touched base, and so the SharePoint Transition Team thought we should take a minute to check in as the iSpace migration project rounds the curve and heads towards the finish line.



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