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Skype for Business to Teams Migration

Important reminder that the current UTMB Skype environment was retired the evening of Friday June 4th. 

Information Services is encouraging full adoption of Microsoft Teams for all virtual collaboration needs if you are not already doing so.  The current UTMB Skype environment was retired the weekend of June 4th, 2021.  

Microsoft Teams is the virtual collaboration platform of choice for UTMB and provides the following advantages:

  • Create Teams and Channels for a specific department or project to provide rapid communication on a particular topic
  • Live Event (Broadcast) capability; up to 10,000 attendees
  • Integration with other Office 365 solutions such as SharePoint, OneNote, and Planner
  • Persistent Chat with quick search and favorites capability
  • Full featured mobile experience for both iOS and Android


We have many resources you can use to learn more:

UTMB Teams FAQ is a friendly Q&A bot for Microsoft Teams that brings a human in the loop when it is unable to help. Clients can ask the bot a question about Teams and the bot responds with an answer if it is contained in the knowledge base. If not, the bot allows the end-user to submit a query which then gets posted in a pre-configured team of experts to provide support by acting upon the notifications from within their team itself. It also has a “Share Feedback” button to share thoughts on the answer(s) given which we can use to enhance the accuracy of the answers in the knowledge base.

  • Once in Teams application, you will see a tile in the left pane near the top as seen in Figure 1 below.
  • Clicking on that tile will start your personal dialog with the bot which is visible only to you (unless of course you escalate to an expert). There are 3 suggest start dialogs:
  • There is also the normal chat dialog box where you and free type your question that the bot can respond to.

Figure 1 - Tile in Pane
Figure 2 - Example screen of the UTMB Teams FAQ bot

Will my Skype phone become a Teams phone?

Yes.  Your Enterprise Voice integration with Skype will remain in place until we determine an official shutdown date for Skype in Q2.  Until then, you can still continue to make and receive both internal and external phone calls via your Skype client.

Will I keep the same Phone number when my service is moved to Teams?

Yes, your same phone number will be moved to Teams once Skype is shutdown.

Can I start using Teams now even though my phone number is still tied to Skype?

Yes, Information Services is strongly encouraging adoption of Teams while Skype is still up and running.  Use your Skype phone when needed but start to leverage Teams as much as possible (e.g. organizing meetings, chat, internal phone calls, etc.).

Can I make internal phone calls using Teams?

Yes, as long as the UTMB users you are calling in Teams has the Teams App open they can answer your call.  We strongly encourage the use of this feature within your department in order to prepare you for this transition. 

Can I make and receive external phone calls using Teams?

Not at this time. Once Skype is shut down and your phone number is moved to Teams you will be able to make and receive external calls using Teams. Until then, you can still continue to make and receive external phone calls via your Skype client.

To send a private message, first click New chat at the top of the app to start a new conversation. Type the name of the person or people you want to chat with in the To field. Then, compose your message and click Send.
Send an email to IS Service Desk ISHelp@utmb.edu.
You'll find a lot of familiar features as you make the switch from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams—plus a few new things we hope you'll like! [See this article for] Switch from SfB to Teams
From your mobile device, open the Teams Mobile app and tap on the Meetings tab which will show your meeting calendar. Then click Join button for your desired meeting. Link to Mobile app: Download Microsoft Teams Mobile App

If you have questions, or need assistance, please contact the IS Service Desk at (409) 772-5200 or (888) 898-2401 or by email at ISHelp@utmb.edu.