The Byron Bailey Surgical Society


For decades the University of Texas Medical Branch has trained medical students and residents. From 1968-2003 Dr. Byron Bailey served as the Wiess Professor and Chairman for the Department of Otolaryngology.

An internationally known and highly respected head and neck surgeon, Dr. Bailey is well recognized as a great teacher, humanitarian, and man of integrity.

The Byron Bailey Surgical Society has been formed not only to continue his great legacy of leadership and vision but also serve as a forum to fulfill his wish as spelled out in the dedication of the now famous textbook which bears his name.

Byron Bailey Surgical Society

  • Upcoming Events

    Saturday, June 22, 2024

    Sixteenth Annual Byron Bailey Surgical Society Meeting

    For more information contact Patricia Garza or Roxann Ortiz at: (409) 772-2701

  • Membership Information
    There are currently three ways to become a member of the Byron Bailey Surgical Society:

    1. Be a graduate of the UTMB Health Department of Otolaryngology Residency Program

    2. Be a member of the UTMB Health Department of Otolaryngology Faculty

    3. Be a Guest Speaker at a Byron Bailey Surgical Society Conference
  • Members



    Clayton Bishop, MD
    David Bracken, MD
    Judy Eid, PA-C
    Yusif Hajiyev, MD
    Luis Neve, MD
    Viran Ranasinghe, MD
    Sepehr Shabani, MD
    Annie Wang, MD
    José P. Zevallos MD, MPH

    Grant Conner, MD
    Kareem Haroun, MD
    Yusif Haciyev, MD
    Charles Hughes, MD, MBA, MPH
    C. Matthew Stewart, MD, PhD, FACS, FANS

    Katherine Hicks, MD
    Katherine Lees, MD
    Taylor Mitchell, PA-C
    Jason Ohlstein, MD, MPH
    Duncan Watley, MD
    Benjamin Wang, MD

    Claire Bock, PA-C
    Shiva Daram, MD
    Rohan Joshi, MD
    Christopher Prze, MD
    Suparna Shah, MD

    Reagn Davis, PA-C
    Kelly Drago, PA-C
    Susanna Green, PA-C
    Gina Jefferson, MD, FACS
    Brian McKinnon, MD, MBA, MPH, FACS
    Lara Reichert, MD, MPH
    Nik Rana, MD
    Jordan Rawl, MD
    Austin Rose, MD

    Charles Bosk, PhD
    Orly Coblens, MD
    D. Gregory Farwell MD, FACS
    Jeremy Foon, MD
    Tran Thuong Lien
    Ben McIntire, MD
    Brian Nussenbaum, MD, FACS
    J. Christopher Post, MD
    Herbert Silverstein, MD, FAcs
    Emily Tignor, MD

    Robert Darling, MD
    David O. Francis, MD, MS
    Jiz Jordan, PA-C
    Alexander Langerman, MD, SM, FACS
    Felipe Santos, MD
    Steven Smith, MD
    Matt Yantis, MD

    Mohamad Chaaban, MD, MSCR, MBA, FACS
    Jeff Farroni, PhD, JD
    Russell Kridell, MD, FACS
    Annmarie Barnett, PA-C
    Suzanne Patton, PA-C
    Sharon Ramos, MD
    Joseph Russell, MD
    Hadi Seikaly, MD, MA, FRCSC
    Eugene Son, MD
    Wasyl Szeremeta, MD, MBA

    Nikolas H. Blevins, MD
    Mar Brettmann, PhD
    Leonel Martinez, MD
    Angelia Natili, MD
    Ross Patton, MD
    Melinda Stoner Quinn
    Russell B. Smith, MD, FACS

    Susan Edionwe, MD
    Paul W. Gidley, MD, FACS
    Rebecca J. Hester, PhD
    Peter J. Koltai, MD, FACS
    James W. Rocco MD, PhD
    Naren Venkatesan, MD
    Benjamin Walton, MD
    Bradford A. Woodworth, MD

    Mark Clark, PhD
    Andrew Coughlin, MD
    Ronald Deskin, MD, FAAP
    Boyd Gillespie,MD, MSc
    Bruce Leipzig, MD
    Walter McReynolds, MD
    Viet Pham, MD
    David Terris, MD, FACS
    Lam Huyen Tran

    Karen Calhoun, MD, FACS
    Ellen Friedman, MD, FAAP, FACS
    David Gleinser, MD
    Laura Hermer, JD, LLM
    Andrew McWhorter, MD
    Francisco Pernas, MD
    Sam Weber, MD, FACS

    Joe Edmunds, MD, FACS, FAAP
    Jan Heller, PhD
    Chris Holsinger, MD, FACS
    Anthony Mikulec, MD, MBA, FACS
    Joel Patterson, MD
    Ryan Ridley, MD
    Richard Waguespack, MD, FACS
    Dayton Young, MD
    Tammara Watts, MD, PhD

    Paul Brindley, MD, FACS
    Michael Briscoe, MD
    Howard Brody, MD, PhD
    George Browne, MD
    Robert Frankenthaler, MD
    Garrett Hauptman, MD
    Kevin Ho, MD
    Brent Senior, MD, FACS
    Farrah Siddiqui, MD
    Chad Simon, MD

    Raghu Athre, MD
    Byron Bailey, MD
    David Callender, MD, MBA, FACS
    Jean Paul Font, MD
    Patricia Maeso, MD
    Tomoko Makishima, MD, PhD, FACS
    Susan McCammon, MD
    Shraddha Mukerji, MD
    Daniel Nuss, MD, FACS
    Harold Pine, MD, FAAP, FACS
    Vicente Resto, MD, PhD, FACS
    Michael Underbrink, MD, MBA
    Camysha Wright, MD

  • Giving
    If you are interested in donating to the Byron Bailey Surgical Society Fund for Resident Education and Morale please e-mail:

    Harold Pine, MD, FACS, FAAP

"May we always keep the needs of our patients foremost in our minds and in our hearts as we study, learn, and practice the science and art of medicine."    — Byron J. Bailey, MD