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Medical Students

  • Preclinical Preceptorship
    This course is a 4-week preceptorship offered to students in the summer between their first and second years of medical school in which they work with one of our faculty members for the entire experience. It can be an extremely rewarding opportunity for medical students who might be interested in otolaryngology, as it offers students early exposure to the field that they might not ever otherwise get, the opportunity for interaction with residents and faculty members, and the possibility of developing long-term relationships with faculty members that can be beneficial throughout medical school and beyond.

  • Unbeatable Otolaryngology Preclinical Preceptorship
    Brand new as of summer 2020, the Department of Otolaryngology features our first ever online course, a preclinical preceptorship designed to replace the traditional preceptorship during the challenging times the COVID-19 pandemic has caused. This course was spearheaded by pediatric otolaryngologist Dr. Harold Pine and audiologist Dr. Catherine Drescher, and it features lectures by residents, faculty, and alumni covering all aspects of otolaryngology. In addition, this course offers the unique opportunity for wellness improvement in students and stresses the importance of sleep, diet, exercise, and meditation as a means to maintain wellness during the difficult period medical school can be. Requirements for the course include a way to track steps and sleep (can be done on a smartphone).

  • Clinical Otolaryngology
    This is an elective course designed for 3rd year medical students interested in learning more about the field of otolaryngology. Students experience an immersive 4-week rotation in which they will work in both the operating rooms and in the clinics to experience the full breadth of what being an otolaryngologist is like. Unlike the preclinical preceptorship, students will rotate among faculty members, having worked with all or most of them by the end of the rotation. Beware--taking this elective tends to cause a severe increase in desire to be an ENT!

  • Acting Internship
    This course is a traditional acting internship (or sub-internship) in otolaryngology open to both UTMB students and visiting external students. Students will generally be assigned to one service per week to provide a level of continuity between students, faculty, and residents, while also allowing for multiple opportunities to participate in a wide variety of exciting procedures. Students are encouraged to take "buddy call" during this rotation in which they assist the resident on call with any duties for the night or weekend on call. Requirements for the rotation include giving one ten-minute presentation during Grand Rounds the third week of the rotation.

  • Unbeatable Otolaryngology Virtual Acting Internship
    We are excited to reveal our first ever virtual Acting Internship open to both UTMB and external students. This course can be thought of as a combination of the traditional Acting Internship with many elements of the Unbeatable Otolaryngology preclinical preceptorship. Students from all medical schools around the country are invited to participate in this one-of-a-kind course aimed at cultivating senior medical students for their transition to an otolaryngology residency. The course will involve lectures by UTMB residents and faculty members, reading materials, and a unique set of life tips and tricks aimed at forging an unbeatable mind. Like the Unbeatable Otolaryngology Preclinical Preceptorship, students will be expected to track their own steps and sleep, which can be done on a smartphone.

POM-1 Workshop

Every year one of the most treasured events hosted by our department is the Practice of Medicine 1 Otolaryngology Workshop, a multi-day event aimed at teaching first-year medical students basic otolaryngologic physical examination skills. Students learn skills such as how to use an otoscope, how to perform a cervical examination, and, easily the favorite of the students, how to perform a flexible nasolaryngoscopy exam on our own residents! This workshop is consistently a big success, and it has proven to be a significant contributor to many students becoming interested in and ultimately choosing a career in otolaryngology.