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The Texas Nasal and Sinus Center

The Texas Nasal and Sinus Center at UTMB Health is dedicated to the treatment of diseases of the nose or paranasal sinuses. Our doctors and staff strive for excellence in the care of our patients.

Please feel free to explore this website for more information concerning our doctors, services offered, diagnoses, and treatments as well as more practical information about appointments and locations.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Texas Nasal and Sinus Center at UTMB is to provide our patients with the best care available for diseases of the ears, nose, and throat with special emphasis in diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses. We will be at the forefront of care and we will assist our patients and their families in making the most informed decisions.


Phone: (281) 338-0829
Fax: (281) 557-7284