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Crime Prevention


Workplace Violence/Infant Abduction Training

A UTMB police officer will come to your department and present a one hour training session on the following subjects:

Workplace Violence
Infant Abduction
Bomb Threats
Response to Deadly Behavior

The officers instructing this course have received certification from nationally renown organization in these areas.

The goal of the UTMB Police Crime Prevention Unit is to reduce the incidence of crimes against persons and property on the University of Texas Medical Branch Campus through public education. The Crime Prevention Unit accomplishes its mission by the dissemination of information through crime prevention programs to students, faculty and staff.

Although the department considers all of its officers crime prevention officers, the department has five designated crime prevention specialists. They are Sgt. Anthony DeRanieri, Officers Calvin Bridgeforth, Glen Mulvaney, Johnny Soliz, and Public Safety Officer Elona Stinson-Herron

We encourage all departments to take advantage of these services.

Safety Watch Program: The UTMB Police Department provides a Safety Watch program for employees, students and visitors.

During the hours of Dusk to Dawn, officers will either walk with the individuals or provide a ride in a UTMB Police Department vehicle to any building on campus or to the individual's vehicle if it is Parked in one of the UTMB parking garage.

Safety Watches may be requested by either telephoning UTMB Police Dispatch at (409)772-2691 or asking an officer.

Depending upon the emergency and non-emergency services being provided by the UTMB Police Department at the time of the call, a Safety Watch is usually provided within fifteen minutes.

Security Surveys: A Crime Prevention Specialist will conduct a comprehensive security survey or audit of your area or department. The specialist will prepare a written report with recommendations regarding security improvements to exterior lighting, alarms, doors, locks and other areas.

Operation Identification: Operation Identification, the engraving of owner-recognized numbers on items of value, is strongly promoted for university students and employees. The UTMB Police Department loans out engravers for this program.

Crime Prevention Publicity: The UTMB Police will disseminate information via flyers and the UTMB Police’s website regarding criminal activity that posses an immediate threat to the population on or near the campus

Electronic Alarm Systems: A sophisticated, computer-based, electronic monitoring system monitors a comprehensive network of intrusion detection and duress alarm systems.

Architectural Design: Technical and crime prevention specialists of the UTMB Police Department have significant input into the design of the physical and electronic security systems of all new and renovated campus facilities.

For information about the UTMB Police web site, please contact Sgt. A. DeRanieri

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